Michael Martínez and Charlie Young


Michael Martínez.  Know Nosotrxs

Focusing on the erasure of diverse gender identities from the cultural narrative of Chicanismo, Know Nosotrxs is a videoinstallation that questions heteronormativity within struggles for equality, uplift, and acceptance. Taking cues from the gender neutral spellings of Chicano and Latino, which become Chicanx and Latinx, Know Nosotrxs sheds light on those who are omitted,



Charlie Young.   Entrada: Cincuenta Centavos

When you picture la pulga, you can almost hear the scuffle of feet across the dirt floors and the fast talking exchanges between customer and vendor as la música norteña plays in the background.  You can see the blurs of people as they hurry past you,  looking to find the best deals possible. There’s an unconventional beauty about it, about the way things move so quickly, yet effortlessly. This unconventional beauty was the inspiration for my series, Entrada: Cincuenta Centavos.

These photos were taken this summer during my visits to the Rio Grande Valley. Each image provides a closer look at the thriving environment found in the Barley Mercadome Flea Market from a fresh perspective, my perspective.

Visiting la pulga was a normal part of life growing up in the valley. I remember thinking that there was nothing special about it, la pulga was just there. But now, several years and college degrees later, I     returned, hoping to capture this aspect of my culture, the Rio Grande Valley culture, that I once took for granted. My goal for this series was to bring this culture to Lady Base Gallery and share it with others.

When I pick up my camera and look through the viewfinder, I aim to tell a story.  Even if I am just walking around downtown San Antonio or through the streets in the Rio Grande Valley, I look for new stories to tell with the click of my camera. These stories become my stories.

When I am not shooting portraits, I enjoy exploring new spaces that allow my imagination to take over. It is my goal to inspire others to go out and create something, anything, that is important to them, just as I have done in my last 10 years as a photographer. I hope to continue to grow as an artist and look forward to working with other artists in the future.


Lady Base Gallery

 An initiative to support the artistic educational practices of women artists and LGBTQ artists. Founded February 2013.


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