The One And Only


The One And Only is a group exhibition at Lady Base Gallery. Join us for art and conversation as this will be the first and last show at our new location and it’s going to be an artful experience. We’ve welcomed these talented artists to exhibit at Lady Base, artwork will be for sale and 100% of the art sales goes back to the artists.

Sabrina Alfaro
Phillip Avila
Amanda Bartlett
Giovanna Carrola
David Zamora Casas
Chris Castillo
Agosto Cuellar
Carol Cunningham
Fabian Alejandro Diaz
Audrya Flores
Sarah Fox
Gustavo Adam Garcia
Jessica Garcia
Jane Madrigal
Destiny Mata
Will Muniz
Maricela Olguin
Ernesto Olivo
Kristel Andrea Orta-Puente
Loli Reyna
Daniela ZaaZaa Riojas
Diana Rocha-Fitzgibbons
Diana Santiago
Rebecca Seiler
Josie V
Deborah Kuetzpalin Vasquez
Claudia Zapata
Viva Zapata
Raquel “Arty Valentine” Zawronty
Magdalena Yznaga

Doors open at 8pm.

Michigan Building
1101 W Woodlawn
3rd Floor
Free Parking
Free and Open to the Public

Lady Base Gallery is a site for the artistic practices of Women and LGBTQ artists in our community.

Lady Base Gallery also supports the professional development of performance-based artists and installation-based artists.

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