TEN MINUTE SESSIONS echos the new focus on Installation-based art and Performance-based art at Lady Base Gallery. Curated by Fabiola Torralba, this is an exhibition of short performances that will introduce a new body of work by local Women artists and LBGTQ artists and is also a benefit event for Lady Base Gallery, celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary! So come and have a cupcake with us, provided by Sweet Chela’s!
One night only, so join us on Saturday, February 22, 2014 from 5:00PM-6:00PM for a reception, followed by performances from 6:00 PM- 9:00 PM at Lady Base and Gallista Gallery, both located at 1913 S. Flores in San Antonio, Texas.

Purchase Here Entrance fee is $20.
Cocktails and Appetizers will be provided.

Ten Minute Sessions Performance Schedule

5:00-6:00 p.m. Reception. Join us for cocktails & appetizers.

6:00 p.m.

1. Opening Words by Sarah Castillo
2. Unravel, Danielle Dean
3. El Horror/El Amor, Victoria Garcia-Zapata Klein
4. untitled, Marisa Gonzalez
5. often I still am / Intent of Alignment by Michi Fink

7:00 p.m. Intermission 10min

6. She is Not, Sarah Tijerina
7. (un)pattern, Rebel Mariposa, Annmarie Corea, Alyson Alonzo
8. Excerpt of Glam Bear, Dino Foxx
9. Psyclico by Melanie Davis
10. Aleluya, Ernesto Olivo
11. Polly, Zombie Bazaar

8:00 p.m. Intermission 10 min

12. Sleeping in the Shadows, Joyous Windrider
13. Shower with change, Esmeralda Trevino
14. Evolution of my Intuition, Rosalynn Warren
15. Jezebel Spirit & The Devil in You: Excerpts from Southern Discomfort, S.T.Shimi
16. The Wrestlers, Pink Leche
17. Llama de las Artistas Femenistas, Giomara Bazaldua

Ongoing Performance-based Installation
Title: …
By: Eleonor Maciel & Allison Ozornia

Artists/Performer Bios

Danielle Dean
Danielle Dean grew up in Schertz,Texas. She started dancing at the age of 14 at Mary Lou’s School of Dance were she trained in jazz,lyrical, hip hop, and modern. After graduating from Samuel Clemens High School in 2006,Danielle started majoring in dance and joined PacDance Performance Group.In 2010 she joined Erison Dancers till 2013.Danielle is currently teaching Jazz at Image Dance Company and Academy.
El Horror/El Armor
Victoria Garcia-Zapata Klein
Victoria Garcia-Zapata Klein is a poet from San Antonio’s west side. She is the author of two chapbooks, Peace in the Corazon & Another Water Bug is Murdered While it Rains in Texas. She was a member of the poetry performance group Women of Ill Repute: Refute! She is currently working on a poetry book, Te Prometo. She is grateful to her beautiful family & friends for their loving support.

Marisa Gonzalez
As a queer Xicana, I find it extremely important to express myself. For me, dance is my outlet, and my passion. I’ve been dancing for over 20 years; mostly Mexican folkorico, and Flamenco. I’ve dabbled in modern and in the last few years, belly dance. Through dance I am able to transmit culture, myself, influences, and create something new from my past and present.

often I still am / Intent of Alignment
Michi Fink
Michi, being a nickname from her sisters of the San Anto community, and Fink being of her rested Mothers maiden name, Michi Fink is a Vegan who lives for, and with the Universe. Her focus in the Arts is with words, and to the movement of body with a concentration in dance. She is a Queer Womyn whom spends most of her free time as a Yogi, attending, helping and being the Arts and volunteering her efforts as an Activist.


She is Not
Sarah Tijerina
High School Freshman, SAY Si’ ALAS Youth Theatre Company Member, interested in writing, strong advocate for equality.

Melanie Davis
Melanie Davis is originally from San Antonio, Texas where she studied Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, and Cheerleading. She was both a Lasso and Head Cheerleader at Thomas Jefferson High School and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance from Texas State University, where she was a Strutter and Strutter Officer. In 2001 she moved to Mexico where she performed, trained (adding the Circus Arts to her repertoire) and worked as a dance educator for eleven years. She traveled to Guinea West Africa in 2013 where she received was certified to teach Guinean dance. She also recently returned from La Havana where she studied with the National Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba. Melanie holds a current Texas Teacher Certification in Dance and is a dedicated and talented self-employed artist in the San Antonio and Austin areas.

Excerpt of Glam Bear
Dino Foxx
Dino Foxx, born and raised in San Antonio, is a nationally presented actor, singer, dancer, writer, spoken word poet, hip-hop artist, arts educator and activist. He is a founding member of Tragic Bitches (a Queer Xicana/o Performance Poetry Collaborative), a company member with Jump-Start Performance Co. and an emcee with the band, The Push Pens. Andrés Duque of Blabbeando has described his poetry as following “themes of family unity and disunity, ethnic bonds and divisions, assimilation and displacement as well as sexuality and love.” His poetry has been published in such collections as Mariposas: A Modern Anthology of Queer Latino Poetry (Floricanto Press) the 19th issue of Suspect Thoughts: A journal of subversive writing (2007) and Queer Codex: Chile Love (Evelyn Street Press/allgo). Foxx also published his first collection of poetry entitled When the Glitter Fades through Kórima Press in July of 2013.

Rebel, Annmarie, Alyson
Rebel Mariosa is a Tejana who spent the last 7 years creating, learning and performing in Califas but has returned to her home town of San Antonio to continue the journey, reconnect and share with her homeland, family and community.

AnnMarie Correa is from Bryan/College Station, she is a performer, songwriter, and make-up artist who believes that art is a movement that gives one freedom in many forms.

Alyson Alonzo was born and raised in San Antonio. She is a singer, songwriter, visual artist and lead singer of Sugar Skulls.

Polly, Zombie Bazaar
Zombie Bazaar is a Panza Fusion Belly Dance Familia that can been seen performing their Tejana Politica blend of dance nearly every week en las calles de San Anto. Zombie Bazaar Belly Dance continues to transform the San Antonio arts scene. Community-minded, creative and inventive, the Zombies, under the direction of Giomara “Gio” Bazaldua bring together an array of influences within their own performances. This performance is a response to recent news about incidents of rapes both around the world and in the United States. From the horrible gang rapes in India and Egypt to dismissed rape cases for hometown high school football players in Steubenville, Ohio.

Ernesto Olivo
Ernesto Olivo is a contemporary artist and art educator born in Nueva Rosita, Coahuila Mexico. As a visual artist, he works with various mixed media. His work focuses on multi-cultural and ethnic issues as well as race and gender in popular culture.


S.T. Shimi is a foxy brown performance artist who has been living and making work in San Antonio for two decades. Born and raised in Singapore, her theater work examines the intersections and contradictions of multiple identities in irreverent, provocative and visually intriguing ways. Some of her solo works include Lost in Translation, Southern Discomfort and On the Island, which was staged at the first National Asian American Theater Festival. She also collaborates with other artists including Erik Bosse and Billy Munoz on multi-media experiences that have been seen around town, including several Luminarias. Shimi is a company and staff member with Jump-Start Performance Co.

Sleeping in the Shadows
Joyous Windrider
I am a working artist mother. Performance poet and theatre arts educator. I believe that every person has the innate ability to create meaningful art. My life is dedicated to breaking through imposed limitations in order to rediscover authenticity in expression and relationship.

Shower with change
Esmeralda Trevino

Evolution of my Intuition
Rosalynn Warren
As a queer, feminist, artist, woman of color, Rosalynn Warren strives to encourage, and motivate others to move towards progressive self and social existence through community organizing, spreading positive truth and education, creating art and sharing her own experience in her journey of exploring human connections.

Llama de las Artistas Femenistas
Giomara is a proud Queer Xicana. She is a dancer, a lover, a laugher, an artist, an agnostic. This piece is homage to artistas xingonas from the past. For it is their inspiration, their energia y fuego that has given present and future artistas the power and pathway to self-expression. Adeilitas (escaramuzas), Frida Kahlo, Gloria Anzaldua y Selena Quintenilla-Perez all broke through boundaries and stereotypes with alma y pasion. This is Gio with An Homenaje a Las Xingonas.

The Wrestlers
Pink Leche
Pink Leche is a queer bass music project created by Eric T. Cavazos in mid 2013 in San Antonio, Texas. Pink Leche proudly joins the ranks of other queer acts that came before him in San Antonio and adds a little sexy and smooth blend of R&B, Hip Hop and EDM, that he refers to as Queer Bass.

Eleonor Maciel
Eleonor Maciel (Laredo, Durango) Actriz de Teatro y activista social Mexicana. Inicio con el grupo del Teatro Isauro Martínez de Torreón Coah. Realizo varios montajes y su primera gira nacional. A los dieciocho años decide emigrar a la Ciudad de México para ingresar a La Casa del Teatro y continuar sus estudios profesionales. Ha sido Colaboradora para Casas de Cultura y Festivales de Arte en su ciudad de origen y ciudades vecinas impartiendo talleres de Teatro y presentado trabajos unipersonales. Trabajó en diversos montajes en la Ciudad de México. En el 2007 Se integra al montaje “Cada quien su Frida”, en el cual se desempeña como Actriz, Asistente de Dirección y Producción, bajo la Dirección y Dramaturgia de Ofelia Medina. Celebrando un siglo del nacimiento de Frida Kahlo en su casa y museo. Tour en México y en el Teatro Nacional de Cuba en La Habana Cuba. En el Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro, Gran Teatro la Falla, Cádiz, España. En el Festival “Face of the World”, en el Teatro The New LATC, en Los Angeles, CA. Gira por Dinamarca y en el Teatro Odin, (Holstebro, Dk) en la cual fue Becada. Actualmente radica en la Ciudad de San Antonio Tx. Ha sido parte del festival “Luminaria” en los últimos dos años.

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