Diana Rocha-Fitzgibbon, Fall 2013 Intern at Lady Base Gallery


Lady Base Gallery would like to welcome Diana Rocha-Fitzgibbon to our team.  She will be an intern during the Fall 2013 semester and we look forward to working alongside Diana.  Diana is an Abstract Impressionist Painter born in San Antonio, Texas. Diana has been involved in the arts from a very young age with the firm but guiding hands of some amazingly talented community leaders and peers and she greatly admires them for their guidance.

Diana started her artistic roots through community-based arts organizations. Starting with San Anto Cultural Arts, she contributed her poetry and art work to its community newspaper EL Placazo starting in the ’90s and eventually became an “Editor-in-Training” during high school. During this time Diana participated in their public mural projects and this is where Diana found happiness in painting.

In 2008, Diana decided to pick up a bottle of acrylic paint once again and she remembered how much of a passion for painting she had and therefore she continues to paint.  She uses a variety of techniques that range from using her fingertips to the back of paintbrushes to create wondrously unique paintings.

Contact Diana for more information about her work.

e: info@paintdiana.com

w: http://www.paintdiana.com

facebook: www.facebook.com/paintdiana

Thanks in advance Diana. 


Lady Base Gallery (Inside Gallista Gallery)

1913 S Flores

San Antonio, Texas 78204

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