New Works at Lady Base Gallery June 2013



Giselle Calejo. WORKS ON PAPER. Ink. 2013.

This Second Saturday in June at Lady Base Gallery:

Join us for the opening reception of works featuring artists GISELLE CALEJO, CHRISTINA JIMENEZ, KRYSTAL PAUL AND LAURA TMRW. The work featured will include drawings, installation, paintings and photography. Artist Talk begins at 7:30PM. 
Opening Reception 
Saturday, June 8, 2013 
Artist Talk starts at 7:30PM
Giselle Calejo
Works on Paper

My work explores chance, gravity and movement – flowing, organic movement that is captured during a fleeting interaction between ink, water and myself. Rather than control this interaction, I allow the materials to freely interact, resulting in images that walk a fine line between illusionistic landscape and pure abstraction.

Christina Jimenez
State of Undress

We are constantly in different states of dress. Are we what we show to the world or what we hide? Both or neither? A mix of them all or something inbetween?

Krystal Paul

My work is inspired by the art of the “other,” referencing artists such as Glenn Ligon, Adrian Piper and writers, bell hooks and Gloria Anzaldua along with drawing from my own experiences of living in South Texas as a queer woman of color. My desire is to present information that starts conversations about real issues that break down the walls of misunderstanding and hate.

Laura Tmrw
Serotonin Summer

My main course of study – which has been a Lifetime of research and is sure to remain an endLess journey of enLightment: LOVE, DEVOTION, FRIENDSHIP and SEXUALITY; The Power that is FemaLe. Under that umbreLLa of work faLLs my 2013 series CHEMICAL HEAD, which consists of paintings, scuLptor design and fashion. ChemicaL Head expLores naturaL occurring, medicinaL & recreationaL chemicaL moLecuLes that make up humans and the human experience. On dispLay is the newest of the series; Serotonin Summer. Which is a serotonin moLecuLe, the happy go Luckiness naturaLLy reLeased in your mind, with a custom summer dress, representing the joy, bLiss and fun in the sun that is feeL good summer time.

New Works June 2013
Opening: June 8, 2013
Artist Talk: 7:30 PM
Lady Base Gallery
1913 S Flores

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