EXPOSED. New work by Suzy Gonzalez.

This Saturday join us as we welcome back Suzy Gonzalez. This month she was offered the opportunity to present her new body of work, EXPOSED, in this solo exhibition.

Each work alludes to an advertisement for an animal based food product that has used the female body to its advantage. Within the larger figures, I collage with polished advertisements relating to that product. These ads are presented to the public, while the violence is kept secret, and the victims kept silent. In cutting up imagery to create my final product, I reference both body chopping of women in advertising and the chopping of animal bodies into meat. My simple color scheme symbolizes the most basic elements of an animal’s body: blood and flesh.

Influenced by feminist – vegetarian theories, I explore the relationships between the inequalities of the female human and the female nonhuman. Both struggle to control the treatment of their bodies and are frequently viewed as objects rather than subjects.

By using humor, popular advertising renders these inequalities acceptable and to be desired. When seen in the right context, they expose the objectification and consumption of all females. Eating meat and objectifying women both provide pleasure for the modern day consumer. This pleasure is a result of the hierarchies of species and gender within our society. While women are visually and sexually consumed, animals are literally consumed. To compare women to meat is to reinforce violence against women as the mass slaughtering of animals is an incredibly violent act.

Suzy Gonzalez wants to take this time to thank and cite Carol J. Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat and The Pornography of Meat. Her work has contributed a great deal of influence to my own.

The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory. Continuum, 1990. The Pornography of Meat. Continuum, 2004.


Lady Base Gallery
1913 S Flores
San Antonio, Texas 78204

Exhibition Opening Reception April 13th. 6-9PM
Exhibition Closing Reception & Talk April 27. 12-4PM. Talk 2-3PM

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