This weekend LADY BASE GALLERY will host a local zine release celebration for the contributors of YES, MA’AM, a super spectacular publication with Issue  #6.  The evening will offer art, readings and a performance by SAAKRED.  This event is free and open to the public.  


Yes, Ma’am is a San Marcos, TX-based feminist zine by Elle Minter and Suzy Gonzalez.  We’re all about promoting women and women-positive ideas. We accept submissions from just about anyone, as long as it is positive and affirmative for women.  If you would like to contribute to Yes, Ma’am, email You may submit articles, lists, photos, rants, raves, drawings, cartoons, interviews, or anything that inspires you in a feminist way.


“Two years since the birth of this musical experiment, Saakred has developed into a young child, curious and unlimited by the confines of right and wrong. She floats between a world of colors, paint and visual arts into a world of light, sound and bravery. Moving from sonic exploration into the realm of performance art, Saakred is maturing fast. Her cultural, political and spiritual influences are seen brightly, as she creatively and directly presents her thoughts on militarization, colonization, homophobia, spiritual liberation, and the powers of the natural world.” Visit



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