Lady Base Gallery and ART Magazine

Lady Base Gallery has been critiqued by Alana Coates, Art Historian.  Check out the article posted on ART Magazine, an online publication dedicated to informing the public about the arts of San Antonio, Texas.  Alana Coates, THANK YOU for offering Lady Base Gallery the opportunity.  Below is the link and a little about ART Magazine.

ABOUT Art Magazine

Art Magazine is an online publication about the progressive contemporary art scene in Southwest Texas. Based in San Antonio, Texas, Art Magazine is a local publication with a regional, national, and international perspective. Its growing local and international readership includes collectors, artists, art professionals, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts.

Founded in January 2012, Art Magazine is a space dedicated to criticism, analysis, information, and synthesis. Our publication is devoted to providing professional perspectives and informed commentary about the forces shaping the international art world and how they relate to the local sphere.

In 2012, Art Magazine was featured in media outlets such as Glasstire and Hyperallergic. Art Magazine seeks to extend exposure of the local art scene by collaborating with publications such as Artdaily and Kindform.

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