Lady Base Gallery. What I’d like you to know about me.

I am Chicana and from that platform I view the world.  I want to be a social researcher and explore the critical intersections of public and social interventions through the visual arts.  To accomplish this desire, I’ve begun my Graduate Studies in Bicultural Studies at University of Texas at San Antonio in Fall of 2012 to place an emphasis on cultivating the cultural and creative tendencies of our city through my own art.  But, before I continue to express the way I feel about my hometown of San Antonio, Texas I work towards understanding its history. I believe this program, my mentors and amazing fellow graduate students I’ve met will help me to strengthen my tendencies for critical thinking as I have many strong opinions that need positive direction and articulation.

Archiving.Opening a gallery to support the many, many artists of this city has been an goal of mine since Fall 2010.  In my last semester of undergraduate studies (Bachelors of Art in Art/Minor in Nonprofit Management) I encountered another need for exposure from within the community,  archiving.  I, along with my project partner Eddie Chavez, completed a challenging task of documenting murals created by my favorite local community-based arts organization, San Anto Cultural Arts and this project took a year to complete.  Within the next six months, ARTstor, “a non-profit initiative, founded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, with a mission to use digital technology to enhance scholarship, teaching, and learning in the arts and associated fields” will launch 60 images reflecting the San Anto Cultural Arts Public Mural Program.  This project makes the work of hundreds of artists and the energy of community engagement accessible to those who may never have the opportunity to visit our city.  This ARTstor/San Anto Cultural Arts project gave me the confidence and knowledge to continue archiving the work of local artists.  I’m now anxious  to continue archiving the artistry of San Antonio.  Lady Base Gallery will archive every artist that exhibits within the space. My future goal is to publish a reference book for Women and LBGT artists and my book of inspiration is this: Image .

Information and images submitted to Lady Base Gallery will not be used without written permission and informed consent.

Reference: St. James guide to Hispanic artists : profiles of Latino and Latin American artists / editor,Thomas Riggs.

Learn more about San Anto Cultural Arts @

I’m an artist too.  My studio is located at Lady Base Gallery.  My artistic focus is based upon issues of identity and gender. My process is autoethnographic and my aesthetic always begin with layers.   These layers are displayed in the form of found objects, colors, textures, narratives, images or symbols that signify simultaneous internal and external influences and their undefined spaces.  My exploration is materialized through portraiture because my work is influenced by my personal experiences of conflict between social constructs that hinder psychological growth and confidence in the female experience.  Internal psychological boundaries influenced by political, historical, and social implications are explored through research and communicated through my art.  Through this approach I extricate memories and false beliefs to uncover and understand the core of my own innate character.  The guidance of my artwork is therapeutic and is my personal method of social change.


I’m a Proud Member of Mas Rudas Chicana Collective and this is our artist statement.  Más Rudas: to be tough, to be defiant, and without apology.  Ruth Leonela Buentello, Sarah Castillo, Kristin Gamez, and Mari Hernandez.  Más Rudas is a Chicana art collective based in San Antonio, Texas. The group is comprised of four members who have been creating installations together since 2009. Their name—Más Rudas—is a collectively created phrase that has multiple definitions. Más expresses exaggeration, encompassing our multiple voices, and places an emphasis on RudasRudas challenges the view of women as subordinate, passive, inferior, dainty, and polite. Our multi-media installations are educational, promote dialogue, confront the traditional canon of art, and create a space to address our personal and social identities. To design our installations, we research, reflect, and create collaboratively. Our mediums consist of video, photography, painting, sculpture, fiber, performance, audio, and text.


As a member of Mas Rudas I will explain my perspective of the collective.  First, our installation is a documentation of our lives as we experience it.  The art shows you how we feel inside of our body and inside our minds.  The art expresses the physical and intrinsic filters we attempt to build, break down and those filters which we continue to discover and those that have yet to reveal themselves; we do this in order to engage with the world around us.  Independently and collectively we construct the tangible thoughts through photography (documenting the image, a tool for preservation), painting (documenting the subject), video (documenting action) and fiber arts (exploration of traditions within culture and gender)in order to address our perspectives within our lives.  This tangible[ness] is incorporated into one visual contained space of layers, our installation.  The layers are made up of our group discussions, individual perceptions, democratic resolutions, our psychologies of dominating ideals, personalities and more.  This visual space becomes an anthology, the compiler and curator Mas Rudas Collective.

Learn more about Mas Rudas Collective @

Artistic Practices and Lady Base Gallery.  Lady Base Gallery is an experimental initiative supporting the creative practices of those interested in practice-based research within their field and those artistic practices that cross disciplines and so  I share my personal engagement in the arts to reflect the mission of Lady Base Gallery. Please contact me at  if you are interested in taking part.


Sarah Castillo

Lady Base Gallery Founder

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