Lady Base Gallery


Lady Base Gallery
A Site for the Artistic Practices of WOMEN and the LBGTQ Community.

Lady Base Gallery  is an experimental initiative supporting the creative practices of those interested in practice-based research within their field and those artistic practices that cross disciplines.

Lady Base Gallery was established to offer a place to exhibit the variety of artistic works and artistic community initiatives currently undertaken by the Women and LBGTQ artists of the region.  In addition to providing an avenue for artistic growth, Lady Base Gallery provides a space for professional development as a writer or curator. This gallery accommodates an experimental process of exhibiting works, curating works and writing about these artistic practices.  As a woman artist I feel there is a need in San Antonio, Texas to provide a space that honors the work of many of our artists. Join me in making this pursuit a positive impact.

Sarah Castillo 
Lady Base Gallery Founder
UTSA Bicultural Studies Graduate Student 
Mas Rudas Chicana Art Collective Cofounder

1913 S. Flores.  San Antonio, Texas.

(Inside Gallista Gallery)

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